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Save this picture! Actually, the latest building designed by Péter Kovács, architect from Debrecen city in east side of Hungary, km.

However, a parallel can still be drawn since the building is a deep, personal, self-reflexive work of art, which reflects the role of the architect, layered as it is.

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The plot can be localized both on a Debrecen map and on a map from a hundred years later. The wide gates and inner gardens of the old houses found here still show the civil character of the country-town.

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Péter Kovács knows all the neighbours and their houses very well. He understands these streets. He understands the scales, the whys, the hows.

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He sums it all up in the following way: a strong, 2. The presence of the fence ensures its historical identity and the unique nature of the plot.

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The slightly appearing bricks — hoe kun per flört op whatsapp is a brick paving, too — under the weathered plaster not only show the old building material but also make one feel like travelling back in time.

They refer to the old houses' few opening schemes, which differed from the architectural design of modern apartment houses: back then, mainly walls and roofs dominated. Moreover, the fence is not a part only of this plot; it is a characteristic feature of the street-line. Samuel Petz. The third major feature is the presence of trees.

The inspiring key elements at the site are definitely the brick fence, the church steeple, and the trees. This situation tells us about self-knowledge, the freedom of expression, self-discipline, inner struggles, desires and limits.

Floor Plan We can almost inhale the evaporating past of the weathered flesh and mossy tiles of the surrounding old társkereső férfiak from the inner terraces and the garden of the corner house — the building is somehow transforming into a house-shaped sculpture.

Strolling through the clean white interiors, we get an insight into the inner layers of the realm of architecture.

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