Összekötő oldalak a közelemben, Mennyire vagy érzékeny?

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Yesterday, I spent 60 dollars on groceries, took the bus home, carried both bags with two good arms back to my studio apartment and cooked myself dinner. You and I may have different definitions of a good day.

This week, I paid my rent and my credit card bill, worked 60 hours between my two jobs, only saw the sun on my cigarette breaks and slept like a rock.

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Flossed in the morning, and remembered to buy eggs. My mother is proud of me.

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It is not the kind of pride she brags about at the golf course. See, she remembers what came before this.

The weeks where I forgot how to use my muscles, how I would stay as silent as a thick fog for weeks. She thought each phone call from an unknown number was the notice of my suicide.

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Összekötő oldalak a közelemben were the bad days. My life was a gift that I wanted to return.

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My head was a house of leaking faucets and burnt-out lightbulbs. Depression, is a good lover. So attentive; has this innate way of making everything about you.

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Összekötő oldalak a közelemben it is easy to forget that your bedroom is not the world, That the dark shadows your pain casts is not mood-lighting. It is easier to stay in this abusive relationship than fix the problems it has created. Összekötő oldalak a közelemben, I slept in until 10, cleaned every dish I own, fought with the bank, You and I might have different definitions of adulthood. And my mother is proud of me.

I burned down a house of depression, I painted over murals of greyscale, and it was hard to rewrite my life into one I wanted to live But today, I want to live.

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